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About Awasser
1. Our Mission:
The main work for our organization is helping children born of Saudi fathers in foreign countries.
so we provides all procedural and legal assistance free of charge to the abandoned Saudi families living abroad., such as:
1. a monthly assistance.
2. winter clothing allowance.
3. school assistance.
4. housing and airplane tickets for those who want to return home.

2. Awasser target:
Awasser aims to provide all necessary requirements for their return to the country and coordinates with the government, private institutions and NGOs working for charity to provide all their needs. We also carry out the relevant research and studies, especially on getting married outside and the negative effects of these imbalanced relations. We help them in all legalization procedures, including issuance of their Saudi identity cards and follow up with them.

3. Assembly license:
The Charitable Organization for the Welfare of Saudi Families Abroad or Awasser is licensed and supervised by the Ministry of Interior. Awasser works solely and specifically for Saudi families living abroad and traces Saudi citizens all over the world. They are now under our care, and we are trying our best to provide assistance to the children of our country that, due to certain circumstances, were forced to stay outside the Kingdom. They need our assistance, welfare and supervision.

4. Intended:
Awasser, the first and only Saudi charitable organization authorized for these services, has now compiled full data of those children in 30 countries , our assistance is available to Saudi families whose children are from a Saudi father who married a foreign woman but could not look after them for various reasons and provides this assistance through the Saudi Foreign Affairs Ministry under the supervision of Crown Prince Ahamad bin Abdul Aziz , in line with Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah’s bin Abdul-Aziz directive to extend support to his people wherever they may be and help them come back to the country.



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